I hate the BWWM/WMBW tag…

There is just so much fuckery going on. Yes the majority of you crazies seem to be a little delusional. “I date/fuck/love black women”is not exactly a compliment and the speaker of such a statement is not some one to praise and pounce on, but approach with caution. and any black woman who says they just love white men and they have a preference… well, you need a serious talking to. I’m too agitated to write the post I had originally set out to. But seriously, you can date who ever you want because they are them, but when you seek out something because its just a preference or you’re not attracted to black men or what ever, you should think about why that might be the case…

For the women/girls who see a picture of a seemingly happy ir couple, don’t say that that woman is lucky because some white guy found her attractive enough to date. She would be lucky if the guy respects her mind body and soul, and acknowledges her identity as a black woman and all that comes with it..

oh and btw, love ain’t colorblind you ignorant twat waffles. 

BWWM WMBW black women white men this tag is fuckery and I hate ppl reblogging my pictures saying I'm lucky gtfo!

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    AMEN. these young black women need to be careful of which white man they choose to date.
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    Yaaaas! Preach…but they’re not really understanding you.
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    Yes says the girl. You act as if I am not black. As if I have never felt or been judged or have had racist comments made...
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    lol. says the person comparing red and purple to what humans have to deal with… ok, you tried.
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    No one expects you to stop liking black women. It’s a matter of educating yourself so that when you DO have to...
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    *Drops mic*
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